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Hello!!! I love your blog! Where in Japan are you visiting?

Tokyo and a few other cities around there. My bf has school during the time I’m there, so sadly I can’t go too far from Tokyo. But I did ask if we could visit a few cities like Nikko, Kamakura, Hakone, and Yokohama. I’m a history nut lol so I want to see a lot of historical sites. *_*

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hi everyone! i just wanted to let you know i’m leaving for japan soon, so i can’t post or reply for a few weeks. see you soon. :)

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I wonder what happened between Haruma & Takeru. They are never reported together anymore and Takeru and Taka are showing off their bromance in interviews as well as Taka's instagram account. And maybe it's just me but Haruma looks sad lately...

i think their schedules just don’t match…. takeru has been filming non-stop (almost) for the past 2 years and haruma has been filming often and is filming for aot (or about to start) and i can imagine that role particularly will take a physical toll, bc i bet he’ll want to do most of his stunts. so maybe he’s not sad, just super busy and tired. once their schedules die down a bit, maybe we’ll see ht3 within the next couple of years. well, it’s just my guess!

edit: btw i just wanted to say in case anyone is worried that they got into a fight or aren’t friends anymore, i highly doubt that is the case! they love each other too much. i’m sure that they still meet up for a drink once in a while.

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My God! I loved your new theme <3 ~ and I hope you enjoy your time in Japan! Enjoy for me too! I love your blog xx

thank you so much :)

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this blog is super close to 5,000 followers and i’m visiting japan next month! so i thought i’d pick up a few haruma goodies while i’m there and have another giveaway. i apologize for the lack of updates. hopefully, haruma’s staff will become more active with his twitter so i can continue translating tweets. if you haven’t don’t forget to follow our twitter. thanks!

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aside from takeru, do you know who else is haruma good friends with? also is takeru closer to haruma or one ok rock's taka?

okada masaki, miura shohei, shirota yuu, oguri shun

i’m not sure anymore :( it used to be haruma for sure, but recently takeru and haruma haven’t been seen together. 

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